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Agox is a combination of specially selected antioxidant surfactants to be used in the manufacture of feed and feed premix. The product sequesters free radicals to prevent autoxidation of important ingredients in feed and premix. This addition allows ingredients to remain active for longer periods of time, as ingredients or after use in complete feeds or premix. Tests have shown vitamin A levels to be much higher when compared to feeds with other or no antioxidants.

The mix of many different antioxidants in AGOX creates a synergism between the different antioxidants thereby making the antioxidants more effective than if used independently. The chelating agents in AGOX sequester free radicals in feeds to prevent autoxidation. Surfactants are used to improve the mix of AGOX in the feed or premix.

The combination makes AGOX a superior product.

BHT, BHA, citric acid, monosodium phosphate, propyl galase.

Compatible with all ingredients used in animals, feeds, shrimp and fish meals, poultry by-product meal and vitamin premixes.

Packaged in 25kg poly-lined, heat sealed bags.

Shelf life:
2 years.

How to mix:
For complete feeds, mix 125g / metric ton. For premix or concentrate, mix 250g / metric ton.

Premix the above amounts with 5 or more kilos of carrier before adding to final mix. The amounts listed for premix and concentrates will only stabilize the premix or concentrate, not complete feeds made from the treated premix or concentrate.


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