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The finest quality source of Yucca Shidigera extract available

AGRA-ADE is a specially processed product containing a high concentration of Yucca Shidigera extract.

When mixed in animal feeds or drinking water and / or applied to manure wastes and handling equipment, AGRA-ADE prevents the formation of the enzyme urease which breaks down urea to ammonia. With the reduction or elimination of ammonia and other offensive gases, research tests have shown as much as a 5% improvement in average daily gains, and 3% better feed conversions. The reduction of ammonia and other irritant gases in confinement housing also creates a healthier environment for employees and animals. AGRA-ADE is also used to reduce offensive odors in open feedlots and loading areas. Using AGRA-ADE in feed, pits, lagoons and even sprayed on bedding has proven itself by reducing ammonia levels by 50% or more in poultry and livestock operations world wide.

In manure and waste AGRA-ADE stimulates the development of active bacteria cultures and acts by increasing the cell wall permeability of microorganisms. This aids in the diffusion of more water, nutrients, and natural digestive enzymes through their cell walls causing a more complete digestion of the organic waste.

The most common use of AGRA-ADE is mixing in the feed of swine, poultry, beef cattle, dairy cattle and horses.

AGRA-ADE has a large molecular structure and will not pass through the wall of the digestive tract of animals for absorption, therefore no withdrawal is required before slaughter. As soon as AGRA ADE is passed from the animal in the feces it starts breaking down manure and wastes.

AGRA-ADE is a very stable and safe product to use. It will not effect nor is effected by normal feed ingredients or medication. AGRA-ADE is completely natural in origin and is listed on the GRAS list of products. The pure extract of this product has an FDA approval for use in foods.

It is made from the finest quality Yucca Schidigera extract available with a carrier designed to give optimum results.

cattle: 114grs/ton
Swine -> starters - grow/finish: 114grs / ton 
sows: 57-85grs/ton
poultry: 57-85grs/ton

Slightly higher levels should be mixed if a significant change in animal performance is noted. To assure proper mixing, pre-mix AGRA-ADE 30% with other minor volume ingredients first.

Agra-Ade 30% Dry feed concentrate should not be mixed with water for spray application.

Natural Yucca Schidigera Extract
Magnesium – Mica
Sodium, Calsium Aluminosilicate
Sodium dioxide
Calcium Propionate

25kg multi-walled bags.

Store in a cool dry place away from heat.

All natural ingredient * Meets demands of today’s active society.
* No withdrawal before slaughter.
* No chemical residues
* All natural digestion / degration.
Controls Ammonia and Hydrogen
Sulfide gases in manure and wastes
* Increase feed intake
* Lowers feed conversion.
* Better animal health and less stress, especially for young animals / birds.
Improves air quality * Better environment for animals and workers.
* Reduces energy needs to move air in confinement buildings and helps to lower costs.
Increased safety * Fewer problems from unwanted gas and odors.
Fewer pit solids * Reduces labor and expense to remove waste.
Aids in sanitation and cleaning * Helps remove dirt and wastes before the cleaning process starts.
Safe to use active * Non toxic, has no effect on other ingredients in the ration.
* Listed as a GRAS safe to use ingredient.
Wide use application * May be used with all species of livestock / poultry, for all ages.
* Used on manure, compost, in industry and foods.


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