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A source of added fat and energy in animal feeds, also used for dust control.

NATURAL EXPELLED soybean oil with flavor

Soybean oil, artificial ingredients.

Guaranteed analysis:
Percent of total fatty acids
Saturated fats : 15%
Mono-unsaturated fats : 24%
Poly-unsaturated fats : 61%

Metabolizable energy (swine / poultry) kcal / kg ≥ 8800 kcal.

Agra-Soya oil: - The benefits of extruded / expelled soybean oil.

When compared to crude solvent extracted soybean oil, the expelled oil contains higher amounts of tocopherols, while having lower quantities of phosphatides, total chlorophyll, free fatty acids and a low initial peroxide value.

The expelled oil exhibits resistance towards the development of oxidative flavor and it also shows stability towards the development of chemical oxidation.

The chemical composition work indicates a high content of natural antioxidants allows for the high degree of stability. With the increased oxidative stability and resistance to oxidized flavor development, this oil has food application where these factors are important.

Packaging: 20kgs


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