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Agratech LTD started operating in 1998 and has successfully grown since then. Having several scientists, stands by the animal farmer, the producer, feed industries etc, offering high quality safe products at the lowest possible cost. Our mission is to provide our customers with excellent products and the best possible service / scientific support in low prices.

Agratech Ltd is the representative of Brookside Agra LC – USA, a company that is in the feed and feed supplements business for over 50 years. A company that offers:

Quality products
All products surpass the highest quality standards before leaving the product plants. They are manufactured to contain high concentrations of active ingredients and only necessary carriers. Everything that goes into the final product, including the shipping containers, gets tested.

Before a product is added to Brookside’s line, it must perform and give expected positive results. The facilities of leading universities, private laboratories and product field testing are used to assure the products will perform for our customers. 

Manufacturing expertise
Using the latest technology and manufacturing standards the plants are state – of – the – art and produce quality products. When applicable, food manufacturing practices are in effect in the manufacturing facilities.

Cost effective
The purpose of the manufacturing company as well as of Agratech is to bring to you high-quality, research-proven products at the lowest possible cost which helps support a profitable bottoms line for your operation.
We offer various products to improve the quality of feed, the health of animals and the parameters of production.

Among other products we also offer:

An excellent mycotoxin binder.

Yucca schidigera in various forms and concentrations – To control odor and reduce ammonia from and in manure and urine.

Pellet binder for all feeds.

Agmor feed flavors:
Feed flavors for all livestock.

A combination of natural anti-microbials with immunostimulants

Bovine Colostrum:
Bovine Colostrum for small animals – An excellent source of immunoglobulins.

Pro 88:
Economical source of high quality milk protein.

Liquid fat source for energy in feeds and dust control.

Products for environmental applications.

Agratech has you and your animals covered!



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